Eddy Current Nonferrous Aluminium Caps and Rings Separator for Plastic (PET) Flakes

Eddy Current Nonferrous Aluminium Caps and Rings Separator for Plastic (PET) Flakes. We are a factory specializing in efficient plastic recycling solutions.
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Basic Info.

Model NO.
Separation Plastic Aluminium Ferrous Metal
Nord or Siemens Quality Motor
Forbo Siegling with Corrugated Edges
NSK Reliable Shaft
Nonferrous Metal(Aluminum/Copper) Separate for PE
Engineer Guide for Eddy Current Aluminium Separato
Transport Package
Nude in Container
wood-based composite panels
Liaoning Province, China
Production Capacity
100sets Per Month

Product Description

Product Description

This effectively and efficiently magnetic eddy current metallics material separation machine use powerful Rare Earth  permanent magnets to process through produces repelling forces for separation,Ideal for the recycling industry.

Eddy Current non-ferrous metallic sorting machine  (ECS) is an advanced metal sorting unit that is capable of separating non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, die-cast metal, copper and other value metals from nonmetallic dry recyclables.those heavy duty copper & aluminium eddy curent selection equipment  are increasingly used wherever separation of non-ferrous metals from a product stream(such as  plastics, glass, electronic scrap, automobile shredder residue, bottom ash, foundry sand, trash, co-mingle recyclables etc). can give a more valuable product, whether the end use is in recycling, waste reduction, raw material production or any other process whereby separation is beneficial.

whats we could do in PET PE PP PVC EPS Nylon PS ABS plastic recyling plant 

Whether it's plastic flake, pellets or whole plastic bottles, Ejet offers solutions for the removal of ferrous , non-ferrous and stainless steel metallic contamination .are for further processing to be manufactured into recyclate ground material or fibres

Ejet`s  ferrous , non-ferrous and stainless steel metal contamination removal equipme nt for Plastic Recycling Facilities 
These units can also be designed into "custom systems" in combinations with Conveying system, drum magent, Overband Magnet ,High Intensity grate magnet, Belt Conveyor with ultra powerful roller as the magnetic sepatation pulley , Eddcy Current Nonferrous separator 

For Ferrous impurities removal :
In-Housing magnetic drums 
to remove both large and small pieces of iron contaminants from heavy flows of bulk materials  processing lines.

Suspended Permanent Magnets ,  permanent magnetic pulley, and self-cleaning overhead suspension magnets unit and the robust magnetic drums offer the highest separation efficiency along with outstanding functionality and robustness.

For Stainless steel removal (such as the springs )

Powerful Sanitary Grate Magnets for Funnel protection against fine and tramp iron contamination. simple installation in
various shaped hoppers, floor openings, chutes and ducts
 Ideal for food, grain separation, also used in recycling oil, plastics, minining, etc

Ultra Powerful Magnetic Roller Conveyor High Intensity Separation Conveyor incorporates extremely high gauss fields, neodymium rare earth magnets to hold and extract paramagnetic work-hardened 300 stainless steel metal and and Wire-Cleaning Applications from the product stream 
Electormagnetic Induction Sensor sorter base on the adjusted variably and precisely for the optimum product generation are outstanding separation of stainless steel from ASR/MSW/MRF
Copper ,Aluminum etc nonferrous flakse and nonferrous insulation wire removal 
Ultra high-frequency Flake Eddy Current Separator (ECS)
The Eccentric pole eddy current separator for recoverable non-ferrous metals such as aluminum beverage cans copper content, zinc plate, brass etc sorting  
and Eddy Current UBC aluminum cans sorter for whole bottle processing 

Mainly application of magnetic Eddy Current separation system

Eddy Current Nonferrous Aluminium Caps and Rings Separator for Plastic (PET) FlakesEddy current non-ferrous separators offer a cost effective method of recovering up to 98% of valuable material from rubbish and waste. It also improves the purity of non-ferrous auto scrap up to 98-99%.

  • End-of-Life Vehicle (ELVs) Automobile Shredding  &Scrap Metal Processing Auto Shredding Residue (ASR)
  • Plastics processing and recycling industries 
  • Glass Recycling Industry 
  • Municiple Solid Waste (MSW) Process Incineration Bottom ash processing in WASTE TO ENERGY Power Plants 
  • Mixed metal scraps recycling industry 
  • Aluminum scrap UBC (aluminum used beverage can scrap), Taldon, Talcred, Taldork
  • Ferrous and Non-ferrous Alloy upgrading in foundries Applications 
  • Lumber & Waste wood processing 
  • E-SCRAP (WEEE ) waste Recycling 
  • Construction and Demolition waste for maximum metal recovery

About Ejet Magnet 

This was in 2004, when our founder, Bingxun Wang, first used the magnetism knowledge to make research and designed the first set eccentric pole eddy current separator in China. Thus we are fully aware of this responsibility in sorting resources field for nonferrous metal. 
In the year 2006, with 25 years magnetic experience Ejet Magnet Established, Keeping improvement for all kinds of magnetic separators, to provide high quality and high performance products is our own responsibility, moreover, to offer the best solution and the most effective service is one of higher-standard targets we are pursuing. Ejet has strict quality control system for raw materials inspection, producing quality inspection and machine testing.     
With 4 members team in the beginning, Ejet has grown through continuous product innovation and worldwide expansion to over a 5000 square feet of manufacturing space and more than 100 employees.
The main products eddy current separator , magnetic separator, induction sorters and AI technology machine for recycling industries had been export to more than 50 countries.
Materials testing and machines OEM could be available for better solutions of metal recycling, plastic, glass cullet, construction waste, incineration bottom ash, Aluminum, E waste recycling. Also for food, chemical, lithium batteryindustries.
Ejet after sales service promise that within 15miniutes we will make response to customer's consolations. On condition that some problems cannot be solved by calls or call videos, engineers are available to serve overseas.


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