High Quality Dri Direct Reduced Iron Rotary Kiln Plant for Sponge Iron

Get high-quality DRI direct reduced iron with our rotary kiln plant for sponge iron. We are a leading factory producing top-grade products.
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Product Description

Product Description


1.What's the DRI?


Direct reduced iron (DRI) is a type of alternative iron made by heating iron ore, mill scale pellet or concentrated iron powder so that the oxygen and carbon burns off while the temperature is kept below iron's melting point. Direct-reduced iron is also known as sponge iron and is sold as briquettes, lumps, or pellets. It is typically used in smaller scale steel mills to enhance the condition of the steel that is manufactured.


During the reduction process in the production of direct reduced iron, either coal or a special gas - commonly containing a combination of carbon monoxide and hydrogen - is used. This mixture functions as a reducing agent and facilitates the decrease in the iron's oxygen and carbon content. The result is a type of iron that is 90-97% pure, containing only minuscule amounts of carbon and other impurities.

In the modern era, direct reduced iron is considered an alternative method of making iron. The process of crafting iron via the direct-reduction route has a distinct advantage over the more traditional, blast furnace mode of production. Not only is the resulting iron more plentiful in total iron content, but it entails a much cheaper production process than the operation of a large blast furnace.

2.The raw material

The raw material to produce DRI is Iron ore, mill scale, or concentrated iron powder which in Fine pellet or Lumps shape.

High Quality Dri Direct Reduced Iron Rotary Kiln Plant for Sponge IronHigh Quality Dri Direct Reduced Iron Rotary Kiln Plant for Sponge Iron 

working process


3.The chemical reactions of DRI production

The chemical reactions involved in the direct reduction of iron are the following:

With H2 (Gas Based)

3Fe2O3 + H2 → 2Fe3O4 + H2O
Fe3O4 + H2 → 3 FeO + H2O
FeO + H2 → Fe + H2O

With CO (Coal Based)

3Fe2O3 + CO →2Fe3O4 + CO
Fe3O4 + CO → 3 FeO + CO2
FeO + CO → Fe + CO2

With Solid Carbon in reaction

CO2 + C → 2CO
High Quality Dri Direct Reduced Iron Rotary Kiln Plant for Sponge Iron

4.Direct reduction processes

There are several processes for direct reduction of iron ore:

-- gas-based rotary kiln furnace processes 

-- coal based rotary kiln furnaces 

Generic illustrations of the types of process are shown in the graphics below.


(1) For your required concentrated iron powder process flow:

Generally speaking, the Fe content of your sample > 65%, firstly, the concentrated iron powder will be made to small pellet by pelletizer (iron powder will be mixed with Coal powder by certain ratio, please note, the coal powder function as reduction agent), and then after making pellet, and after screen, it will be conveyed into the Chain grate, which function is preheating the pellet and making the pellet more strength.

Then after preheating, the pellet will be calcined in the rotary kiln during temperature 950ºC-1100ºC, and the reduction chemical reaction will be occurred, as the above introduction, during this process, the inside of pellet will shape many small hole, which called DRI.


1. One ton raw material (Mill scale or Concentrated iron powder) should be mixed with reduction agent coal 500-600kg;

2. Heating source consumption: Coal: 220kg/t, or Gas: 140m3/t

3. Reduction coal technical require: Volatile (Vad) >30%, Ash(Ad) < 20%, C >50%, S<1%,  Moisture <10%-15%, TS+6mr >70%;

4. Lime consumption: about 120kg for desulfidation and dephophorization

5. Electricity: whole plant total power * 0.75/ day  (500tpd plant total power 1312KW), s to produce one ton DRI need about 47.23KWH electricity.

6. Final Product: TFe≥92%, MFe≥89%, M≥94% ,S≤0.02% ,P≤0.05%, C≥0.04%

Hongke DRI Plant Flow:

Concentrated Iron Powder or Mill Scale Coal based DRI production
High Quality Dri Direct Reduced Iron Rotary Kiln Plant for Sponge Iron

Coal based iron ore DRI plant flow as below:
High Quality Dri Direct Reduced Iron Rotary Kiln Plant for Sponge Iron
Product Parameters


Technical parameters of wet rotary kiln:
Specification Capacity(t/d) Incline of body(°) Speed(r/min) Main motor(kw) Remarks
Φ2.5*60 168 3.5 0.516-1.549 75 Alumyte-alumina forge kiln
Φ3*48 700 3.5 0.726-3.63 110 Kiln with 5-stage cyclone precalciner
Φ3*60   3.5 0.492-1.476 75 Alumyte-alumina forge kiln
Φ3*100.94 450 4 0.3-1.503 90 Multiple-drum cooling
Φ3.2*46 1000 3.5 0.36-3.57 160 kiln with preheater precalcine
Φ3.2*52 1200 3.5 0.343-0.34 125 kiln with preheater
Φ3.3*50 1300 3.5 0.676-3.38 160 kiln with plateau suspension preheater
Φ3.3*52 1300 3.5 0.266-2.66 125 kiln with preheater precalcine
Φ3.5*54 1500 3.5 0.55-3.4 220 kiln with preheater precalcine
Φ3.6*70 1800 3.5 0.25-1.25 125 Generating kiln for using ofterheat
Φ4*60 2500 3.5 0.396-3.96 315 kiln with preheater precalcine
Φ4.15*58   5 0.35-0.7 110 Zinc leaching(calcine rotary kiln)
Φ4.2*60 3000 4 0.4-3.98 375  
Φ4.3*60 3500 3.5 0.396-3.96 375 kiln with preheater precalcine
Φ4.5*66 4000 3.5 0.41-4.1 560 kiln with preheater precalcine
Φ4.8*74 5000 4 0.396-3.96 630 kiln with preheater precalcine
Φ5.0*74 6000 4 0.35-4 710 kiln with preheater precalcine
Φ5.6*87 8000 4 Max4.23 800 kiln with preheater precalcine
Φ6.0*95 10000 4 Max5 950*2 kiln with preheater precalcine


 1. What is the raw material do you want to grind?
2. What is the capacity per hour do you need?
3. What is the raw material input size?
4. What is the output size of your product?
 1.Are you a manufacturer or a trading company?
A: We are a professional manufacturer of rotary kiln equipment and related machinery
(Rotary kiln, granulator, crusher, grinder, dryer, cooler, feeder, conveyor belt), etc.
2.What should I do if I encounter some trouble while using it?
A: We will provide English manuals and videos to show you how to solve the problem, and if necessary, we will dispatch our engineers to your factory.
3. Do you provide installation services after ordering the machine?
A: For single machines, we provide guidance and operation videos for users.
For the production line, we provide professional construction drawings and arrange engineers to guide users in installing machines. Assist users in training skilled workers.
4.Can we visit your factory and see your equipment?
A: We really warmly welcome every customer to visit our factory, and we can take them to visit the machinery factory
1. We have comprehensive technical and business consulting services;
2. Propose the most suitable solution and equipment for our customers;
3. Free CAD design: If you can provide materials, target capabilities, and factory information, we can provide you with free CAD design.
After sales service:
1. Safe and fast payment methods;
2. Assist clients in equipment foundation construction;
3. Dispatch engineers to install and debug the equipment;
4. Provide training for frontline operators on site;
5. Regularly visit customers, solve production problems, and provide lifelong service

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